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              Hi,welcome toExpomax(China)Tent Co.,Ltd.(Changzhou)!

              Hot-sale products

              Ten years to build industry standards
              Recast safety casting quality cost reduction strong service
              Industry cost pioneer quality is not discounted
              • PRICE

                Manufacturer direct selling without middleman price difference

              • SERVICE

                Think what customers want, 24 hours to provide you with professional guidance

              • TIME

                On time delivery, credit as the life of the factory

              • QUALITY

                First-class quality, guaranteed for 18-20 years

              Expomax(China)Tent Co.,Ltd.(Changzhou)

              Expomax(China)Tent Co.,Ltd.(Changzhou)

              Expomax(China)Tent Co.,Ltd.(Changzhou)establised in 2014 is mainly engaging in the design,manufacture and sales of high-quality aluminum clear span structure tent system. Expomax tent focus on various.........

              Over the past ten years, we have been focusing on the design
              • Domestic gold enterprise
                We have a domestic excellent R&D technical team and manufacturing technician team with more than 12 years experience。
              • A wide range of categories
                Manufacturing of all kinds of sports events, outdoor wedding, product exhibition, festival celebration, temporary warehouse...... The emphasis is on the fine workmanship of the herringbone and pointed canopies.
              • Strong production strength
                With rich manufacturing experience, the delivery date is up to 3-5 days, the product quality is widely recognized by customers.
              • CRD
                The company in plant planning, personnel structure design and other aspects of continuous reform and innovation to do industry cost pioneer, quality products corresponding to lower prices.
              Quality, excellent service
              Professional marketing engineers to connect with customers, 7 days /24 hours back-end support, consulting -- site design and planning -- order -- delivery and construction -- after-sales tracking -- regular guidance and maintenance -- lifelong worry-free use.
              News information
              Keep abreast of our latest developments and industry news
              • Contact:
                Sandy Tao
              • Mobile:
                +86 18861290287
              • Tel:
              • Fax:
              • Address:
                No.179 lujiatou,youguan town,ChangZhou,JiangSu province,CHINA

              Pay attention to our
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